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An excerpt from my play "Honey"that was developed at Primary Stages with the support of Winter Miller and Tessa LaNeve. Reading directed by Patricia McGregor.

MARTHA C She’s not disturbing me. She’s Mary C.

MARY C How you my know my name ?

MARTHA C Knew it since you signed it on that big red blossom you painted in Mrs. Brown’s studio.

MARY C You go to Washington Middle ?

MARTHA C Everyone does.

MARY C I never seen you in Mrs. Brown’s studio.

MARTHA C We have different art classes but I’ve seen your red blossom and Mrs. Brown had a photo of you by the painting.

MARY C They hung that blossom in the front hall.

MARTHA C They did. But your photo isn’t next to it ?

ICE CREAM MAN (to himself) Cause they hung it in the front wall.

MARY C I painted a lot last year.

MARTHA C I saw the peacock you painted. It was beautiful.

MARY C Thank you.

MARTHA C You done swimming for today ? It is too hot to stop swimming.

MARY C I haven’t started.

MARTHA C Say. I don’t have your address.

MARY C I reckon not.

MARTHA C I’m having my fourteen birthday in two weeks at Stony Pizza and Bowl and Shakes. Would you like to come ?


MARTHA C I’ll get my mother. She has invitations in her bag. (Martha C runs off.)

(Mary C turns to Ice Cream Man.)

MARY C I’m going to a party at Stony Pizza.

ICE CREAM MAN Her mother hasn’t seen you. You going no where. She’s not coming back.

(Martha C comes back with an invite.)

MARTHA C She’s on her way ?

MARY C Who ?

MARTHA C My mother. She always likes to meet my new friends.

(Martha C gives Mary C the invite through the fence.)

MARTHA C You got a dress ?

MARY C Yes. For Church

MARTHA C Good. Because we are going to play spin the bottle after bingo after bowling.

MARY C You just met me.

MARTHA C But you are in my class. We are classmates and I invited the class. It’s hard having a birthday in August. Everyone is away but I am so glad you got your invite.

MARY C What’s your favorite color ?

MARTHA C Purple.

MARY C I will paint you something purple.

MARTHA C You hair isn’t wet. Have you gone swimming at all ?

MARY C No. I have been waiting.

MARTHA C For what ?

MARY C An... opening.

MARTHA C Funny girl. Can I borrow your intertube ?

(Martha C opens the fence. Mary C enters the threshold. Marilyn, Martha’s mother enters. She hops along the hot pavement in her bathing suit. She is all woman.)

MARTHA C Hey, mommy. It’s Mary C.

ICE CREAM MAN Mary C. Grab your things and go to Bateman.

(Marilyn notices that her daughter is speaking to Mary)

MARILYN Martha C ! What are you doing Martha C ?!

MARTHA C What’s that mommy ?

(A panic look crosses Martha C and Mary C’s faces.)

ICE CREAM MAN That sign ain’t just hanging their Mary C. It gets enforced.

(Martha C runs away from the fence.)

MARTHA C Why you yelling. mommy ? Everyone is looking.

ICE CREAM MAN Everyone is looking.

MARY C Everyone is looking. (Pool noises are silenced.) (Marilyn runs up to the fence.)

MARILYN She is a......

(Mary C walks backs away and exits the pool area. Marilyn slaps the gate in front of her face.)

MARY C I got an invitation.

(Mary C and Martha C look at each other through the gate.)

ICE CREAM MAN That’s what Thaddeus Zucker said.

(Marilyn C grabs Martha C.’s hand.)

MARTHA C She was going to share her inter tube with me.

(Marilyn drags her daughter away.)


(Mary C looks down at the envelope. She picks up her intertube.)

MARY C I am going to Bateman.


MARY C But I am keeping this.

(Mary C holds up the invitation.)

ICE CREAM MAN Martha C doesn’t understand much about things. They call her slow and the boys call her worse.

MARY C I think she understands enough.


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